T333 Early 19th Century Brass Electrified Lucerne Whale Oil Lamp


Early 19th century brass electrified lucerne whale oil lamp. A popular style of lamp in the late 18th-early 19th century, the lucerne burned whale oil or olive oil. From a central repository, there were four burners where a wick was placed. Hanging from the central stem are tools for using the lamp, tongs, a wick cutter, and a snuff. This piece was electrified sometime in the 20th century, with a socket coming from each of the original four burners. Complete with a green bouillotte shade, this piece is suited for a library or traditional office.
Condition, brass has been wax polished, some wear due to its age. New rewired, with new candlecovers, lampshade has some light wear, in good condition.
Diameter: 14”
Height: 25”


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