1920’s Stained Glass and Polychrome Theatrical Sconces – a Pair


A dramatic pair of sconces, slag glass and painted cast metal. The sconces are in two pieces. The bottom piece mounts to the wall and has a single socket, the top piece is a cover that’s and covers the light. curved slag glass panels are mounted in the top and bottom of the glass to diffuse the light, the glass is a mixture of white, blue and purple and amber. The sconces are topped by a flame shaped finial in gold and red, with a red ring below. Green metal ribs hold three panels of glass. The bottom piece has three curved panels with frames of gold and lattice painted green. Below this there is a semicircular band, and a bottom finial in red and green and gold. US. C.1920. Glass and original painted metal has been carefully cleaned and painted finish protected with restoration wax. Rewired with a single standard base socket. US 120V. Hardwired.