19th Century Incredible Gilt Lily and Flower Chandelier


36 Light Gilt Bronze Chandelier With an assortment of flowers and two seated putti below.  The opulence of the gilded era is celebrated by this chandelier in excess with not only gilded lilies, but chrysanthemums and poppies as well. It was imported from France during the late 19th Century and hung in the mansion of David Sears at 132 Beacon Street, Boston, MA. The chandelier and building went through radically different times, eventually becoming an Emerson College Dormitory from 1962 to 2006. By the time we salvaged the chandelier, the lower tiers of flowers were missing, perhaps taken by students over the years for corsages, and years of dust and smoke obstructed its beauty.
We echoed the excess of this chandelier as we plotted our restoration process. To replace the flowers lost or stolen, we made investment castings from the remaining in solid bronze. Since the the original gilding process has been outlawed due to the dangers it presents, we used the modern process of electroplating to place a very thin layer of gold atop the bronze. We preserved the original gilding through hand cleaning techniques, painstakingly removing layers of accumulated grime to uncover the original finish. Freight Item: This product must be shipped freight and may require some assembly on arrival.  Please include your address and any shipping instructions in your inquiry so that we may follow up with a shipping quote.

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