18th Century Swedish Brass and Crystal Chandelier


A dazzling crystal chandelier typical of 18th Century Sweden.  The chandelier has a delicate brass frame likely made in france then imported to Sweden for crystals.  The crystals are large swedish cut with oversized crystal ball stem pieces and bottom ball.  The chandelier has a spiderweb made of glass straws and blown glass rosettes.  Four spears and four candles circle the frame.  This piece was thoughtfully electrified to retain the original candles while adding lights circling each tier of the stem.   Many of the original crystals were damaged beyond repair, and were replaced with crystals of the same size and cut. 18th Century. Freight Item: This product must be shipped freight and may require some assembly on arrival.  Please include your address and any shipping instructions in your inquiry so that we may follow up with a shipping quote.

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