How to Pick Bedroom Lighting

how to pick bedroom lighting: Green Bedroom with Crystal pendant and a pair or sconces.

Setting out to pick bedroom lighting can be a challenge. It’s important to create a space that encourages relaxation and rest. The bedroom should also be representative of your personal style.

There are a few tried and true tricks to keep in mind when picking lighting for a bedroom. Using these will help focus your search to find the perfect overhead and task lighting.

Photo by Emile Guillemot on Unsplash

Tips to pick the perfect bedroom lighting:

Simple guidelines to follow in planning out your bedroom.

1. Bedroom Overhead Lighting

The bedroom is a calming place, where you want to minimize glare from exposed bulbs and sharp edges. Indirect lighting, in the form of a glass bowl light will bounce light off the ceilings and walls, creating a soft wash or light throughout the room. Add in a dimmer switch, and you can have control over exactly how bright your room is as you adjust to morning or night. Cast glass bowl lights from the 19th and early 20th Century are a natural pick for this application. If you are feeling more daring and want your bedroom to twinkle like the night sky, a small crystal chandelier with low wattage bulbs is a great pick.

2. Bedside Lights

The type of bedside lights are determined by your use and by the space. If you are an avid reader of paper books, a lamp or sconce with an articulated arm brings light to the page. The ability to use a bright light bulb is also a must. If you do not need such direct reading light, or in a small space with limited bedside table space, a pair of small pendant lights or lanterns give ambient lighting and frame the bed. The classic choice is and remains a pair of table lamps with shades.

3. Floor Lamp

Creating a sitting area in the bedroom with a chair and floor lamp creates space to relax before bed, and a beautiful vignette. A bridge lamp with a decorative shade will brighten up the space and provide more direct light when seated. If you need more light in the room, a torchiere or 6 way light will provide indirect light to the entire space.

5. Light Bulbs

Enjoying the lighting you pick for your bedroom relies on the right light bulbs. With the switch to LED bulbs we have access to many color profiles. Cool white and daylight bulbs have more blue light, which reduces melatonin, the last thing you want before bed. A better choice are warm white bulbs, 2700 Kelvins (K) or less. In reference, traditional incandescent bulbs are around 2500 K.